May 19/20 and May 21 Welcome Back to the Computer Lab!  We will use this time to complete Final Review Packets.  Please pick up your packet and  go to the Assignment Tab.

May 5/6 You will have the first 5 minutes of class to submit your work to the drop folder.  This is NOT a time to finish your work; work should already be completed by the beginning of class.  Work submitted after the deadline is considered late and not eligible for a retake.

April 28-May 4 No Warm-Ups.  Continue to work on your PowerPoint country project.

April 27  If you could live anywhere in the world outside of the United States, where would you choose?  You will have an opportunity to research a different country as we begin our PowerPoint project today.  Did you know there are 256 countries besides the United States?  Have several choices in mind as only one student per class period will be able to choose a particular country.

April 26  Think of five things that you did over the weekend.  How would you create your weekend into a six slide PowerPoint presentation?  Draw a storyboard that represents the planning for your presentation.

April 23  Quiz over PowerPoint Vocabulary and concepts from your textbook reading yesterday.  Please complete and put in grading box.

April 19-22 No Warm-Ups;  continue working on Certiprep review or PowerPoint independent work.

April 12-16 No Warm-ups this week during MCAS testing-begin working immediately on Certiprep Learning Mode for Excel 2007.  If you have finished all of the questions in the learning Mode, take a Practice test to assess what you still may need to work on.

April 7/8  Time to switch gears.  Find your Certiport information sheet from Word!  Transfer your login and password information from that sheet to your new sheet for Excel.  If you have forgotten your password–go to your information page at www.certiport.com  to retrieve.

April 6 No Warm Up-begin working on incomplete or make-up assignments.

April 5 No Warm Up-begin working immediately on your Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor Project. 

March 31/April 1 No Warm Up-begin work immediately on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor” assignment.  Remember to come to tutorials after school or during A lunch (Wednesday only) if you need extra help or are falling behind.

March 30 No Warm Up-begin work immediately on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor” assignment.

March 29 No Warm-Up-begin work immediately on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor” assignment.  If you were not here Friday, please see Mrs. Clayton for your assignment.

March 26 Quiz over Credit Articles that we re ad and presented in class Wed./Thurs.  Use your notes that you took during presentations.

March 24/25 Correct your Unit D Quiz for an improved grade!  Use your book! Once you are finished with corrections and turn your quiz back in to the box, you may work on any previous assignments that you have not completed.  These Quiz grades have NOT been recorded, so you will receive the higher of the two grades.

March 23 No warm up today-continue to work on New Car Assignment.

March 22 Welcome back from Spring Break!  You will have 10 minutes to complete any book assignments from Unit D that you have not yet finished.  You should have completed the file for Quest Specialty Travel-Quarterly Tour Revenue (pp. 80-95) and the Skills Review on pp. 97-98-Departmental Software Usage.

March 12  Practice typing at www.freetypinggame.net  We will take a three minute test together as a class.

March 10/11  Complete Unit D-Charts and Graphs Quiz.  You may use your notes we have taken on the checklist for this quiz.

March 9  Complete the Warm up from yesterday if you did not finish.  You should be prepared for a quiz over vocabulary (Common Chart Types and Basic Chart Elements) on Wednesday/Thursday.  Once you have finished with the vocabulary section, move on to the assignment for today.

March 8  Pick up a Unit D checklist from the table.  Open your textbook to Excel p. 80-81.  Read pg. 80 and the chart at the bottom of p. 81.  Fill in the Common Chart Types and Basic Chart Elements section (up to Legend) on your handout. 

March 2 In an e-mail to Ms. Clayton at kaclayton1@gmail.com, explain the difference between COUNT, COUNTA, and COUNTIF functions.

March 1  No Warm Up today–begin your classwork assignment!

February 26  Practice typing at www.freetypinggame.net  We will take a three minute timed test as a class.

February 24/25  Complete the Skills Review #1-#8 from the textbook Excel pp.44-45.  You will have 15 minutes to complete this and drop in the drop folder.

February 23  Grade quizzes from yesterday.

February 22 Pick up a Quiz over Friday’s class lesson and handout from the front table.  Complete the quiz.  This is a minor grade.

February 19  No typing test today.  Pick up a packet from the front table for Unit A/B.  In your textbook, turn to page Excel 6.  Open the file Ex-A-1.xlsx  from the Pick Up folder in the Z drive.  Read the entire page, looking at your Excel workbook when needed, and look at Table A-2 on pg. Excel 7.  In your packet, complete the section on the first page that asks you to write the symbols for arithmetic operators.  Check off the concepts in your packet for Excel 6 making any necessary notes to help you remember these concepts.    We will review this as a class.  You will have 10 minutes to complete this warm up.

February 17/18  Unit test is today!  Use this time to ask questions on concepts that still need clarification.

February 16  Warm up is written on the board; see the board for further instructions.  Using Google, find a table showing the current 2010 Olympic medal count.  Set up an Excel spreadsheet per the instructions written on the board.  We will use this spreadsheet to practice the skills we learned last week.

February 12  Practice typing on www.freetypinggame.net, we will take a 3 minute test.

February 10/11  No Warm Up Today–begin working on SAM training (see assignment tab)

February 9, 2010 Grade quizzes from yesterday; pictures for Dress for Success Day

February 8, 2010  Microsoft Excel 2007  Quiz #1-Vocabulary Terms and Excel Screen.

February 5, 2010  Practice typing at www.freetypinggame.net for 5 minutes

February 1  No Warm Up-Go to Assignment Tab

January 29  No Warm Up-Go to Assignment Tab

January 27/28  No Warm Up-Certiport Practice Tests today.  The entire class will begin together.

January 22/25/26  No Warm-up–begin working immediately on Certiport training.

January 20/21  Pick up a Cetiport Registration worksheet from the table.  Today we will register for Certiport Accounts and begin the training module for the MCAS exam for Word 2007.

January 19, 2010  No Warm Up today!  Begin immediately on the Unit Test.

January 15, 2010   We will take a typing test; please practice typing at www.freetypinggame.net  for the first 5 minutes.

January 13/14, 2010 Take a Chart Quiz and “Using Graphs and Tables on Presentation Slides” handout from the front table.  Using the handout, complete the quiz.

January 12, 2010  Take a Table Quiz from the table at the front of the room and complete.  You will have ten minutes to complete the quiz and drop in the drop folder for your class period.  This is a minor grade.  After you have completed the quiz, pick up a handout “Using Graphs and Tables on Presentation Slides” and begin reading.

January 11, 2010   In a gmail to Mrs. clayton at kaclayton1@gmail.com, explain the procedure for starting a new table in Microsoft Word.  If I were to add a border around a table I created, what is the ribbon I would go to?  What are the steps?

January 8, 2010  You will have 10 minutes to complete the “When I Grow Up..” worksheet and turn in to the box.  IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE WORKSHEET THIS IS HOMEWORK.  This is a minor grade.  Look at the Assignments Tab to see the date after which no late work will be accepted.

If you have finished the assignment, please practice typing at www.freetypinggame.net  .  We will take a 1 minute test as a class when I tell you.

January 6/7, 2010  In a gmail to me at kaclayton1@gmail.com,  tell me what career path most interests you and why.  Do you think you have the right sort of personality and skills to succeed at that career?  What type of education do you think you will need to be succesful in your career path?  NOTE-DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS WARM-UP BY RESPONDING WITH A COMMENT BELOW!!!!!

January 5, 2010 Welcome Back!  for your first Warm-Up of the New Year, start with #1 “See How Much Money You Will Need To Live The Way You Want” on the Kuder Education and Career Planning system worksheet.


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