May 19/20 and May 21
Welcome back!  We will spend May 19/20 completing Review Packets and reviewing skills for the Final Exam.  The Review Packet will be turned in when you come to take your Final Exam and counts for a minor grade.  If you do not turn in a Review Packet you will receive a zero.

May 10-19
You will not see me or be in our class room during this time period due to End of Course testing.  Your assignment is to independently work on the course review packet that will be provided to you in class.  Do a good job, as this will be the last grade for the year!  We will go over the packet in class May 19/20 and 21.  

As of  Tuesday May 11 all grades are input in GradeSpeed.

May 7
There is NO computer use in class today.  You will not have access to the computers at school until May 19 due to EOC testing.  If you are submitting your PowerPoint project late, it must be done via e-mail at or turned in on a flash drive.  In class presentations will conclude today.  There are no late presentations; you will loose 10 points if you do not present in front of class.

April 28-May 5Continue working on your PowerPoint project. Your storyboard will be checked for completion for a minor grade and should be done no later than Friday, April 30.    You will sign up for a presentation day (May 5-7) on Tuesday, May 4.  Presentations are due in the drop folder at the beginning of class Wednesday, May 5 or Thursday, May 6.

April 27

Begin work on the PowerPoint Presentation project.  You first step is to select a country.  You must have this approved and initialed before you can proceed.  You will then begin work on your research and storyboard.  Keep notes as you research; this will help you to create your final presentation.  We will present these projects in class May 5-7.  Projects are due in the drop folder on May 5/6.  You will not be allowed to present your project unless it has been submitted to the drop folder.  Plan accordingly!

April 26

1.  You will have 15 minutes to create a simple six slide PowerPoint presentation about your weekend using the storyboard you created for warm-up.   Remember that the first slide should be a title slide.   Save the presentation in your Z drive folder.

2.  For the remainder of class we will play PowerPoint musical chairs!

April 23

1.  Turn in your PowerPoint Unit A Lesson from yesterday after the Quiz.

2.  As a class, we will have an introductory lesson on the various PowerPoint 2007 screens and discover tools to create a basic presentation.

3.  Continue on your own to work on Independent Assignments from the textbook.  Pick up a checklist to keep track of your work.  The checklist and all Indpendent Assignments you choose to complete are due no later than May 7.  NOTE-PLEASE READ THE GRADING INSTRUCTIONS for the Independent Assignments (on the sheet).  These assignments are OPTIONAL.  There are no make-ups and no late work will be accepted.  Your FOCUS should be on the mandatory assignments. 

Watch the Due Dates tab; late work beyond the make up date will not be accepted this grading period.  It is your responsibility to keep up with your work.

April 21/22

Today you will either take the MCAS certification exam for Excel or a Practice Test for a retake of last week’s score.  If you scored higher than 600 on the Practice Test, you will take the certification exam.  The highest test result will count as a major grade.  This is your final opportunity to take this test.

After you have finished the test, please pick up a PowerPoint Unit A handout.  Using the textbook, complete the vocabulary sections (pp.2-6 and some additonal scattered throughout the Unit).  We will have quiz on this material in class Friday.

If you complete the assignment, please hold on  to it and we will hand it in tomorrow after the quiz.  Pick up a PowerPoint Unit A-D Self Paced Assignment sheet, read all instructions, and begin to work.

April 19/20

Keep at it guys–we are ALMOST done with MCAS tests.  Remember we will take the actual certification tests or retakes of the Practice Test on Wednesday/Thursday.  Continue to practice, practice, practice.  You can take a Practice test during class if you would like–the more times you take it the better your score will be.  I will take your highest score for your grade.  If you did NOT take the Practice Test last week, you must make it up before Wednesday/Thursday or your score this week will count as your final grade (NO RETAKES).

If you are ready to move on, begin working on the following PowerPoint assignments independently:

Unit A  pp. 2-16 (Print)
Unit A Skills Review (Drop)
Unit B Chapter Work (Drop)
Unit B-Skills Review-Tech Jet (Drop)
Unit C Chapter Work (Drop)
Unit C-Skills Review-Blue Moon (Drop)

April 16

Practice practice practice!  This is the only way to improve your grade on the MCAS practice test.  The goal is to increase your score by a minimum of 200 points, especially if you scored below a 400 on the Practice Test this week.  If you increase your initial score by at least 200 points, you will earn a grade of at least 80% for your major grade.  This is a SELF PACED unit.  Your grade is entirely a result of the amount of effort you put into the Certiprep Learning Module.  If you scored over a 600 on the Practice Test you will take the Certification Exam next week.  Otherwise, you will take an additional Practice Test as a retake.

There are students who are ready to move on as they have scored over 800 on the Practice Test or have already passed the Certification Exam.  Please begin to work on Power Point Unit A pp. 2-16 in the textbook.  When you finish Unit A, please complete the Skills Review on p. 18-19 and turn in to the drop folder for a grade.  You may then begin work on Unit B.

April 14/15

Today we will take the MCAS Practice Test which will count as a major grade.  Note-If you miss the Practice Test you will not be allowed to take the certification exam until you have made up the Practice Test.  Practice test must be made up by Wed./Thurs. April 21/22.  Scale for Practice Test:

< 400        65%
401-500   70%
501-600   75%
601-700   80%
701-800   85%
801-900   90%
901-950   95%
951-1000  100%

A passing score for the actual certification exam is 690.  If you score below 690 on the practice test you must continue to review in Certiprep.  If you score between 690-800, it is advisable to go back and review your Certiprep material for at least one more class period before taking the certification exam.

If you score above 600 on the Practice Test you will take the certification test next week.  If you score below 600, you will take a Practice Test for a higher grade.

If you receive score of 800 or higher, please move on to Powerpoint Unit A pp. 2-16 in the textbook.  Skills Review on p. 19-20 should be dropped in the appropriate drop folder for a grade.

***Note:  Juniors and Seniors in 2nd period only will miss the majority of class on Thursday April 15 due to the Shattered Dreams program.  These students must make up this test or have the retake test next week count as their grade.***


 April 13

Continue with the Learning/Training module for Excel 2007 in Certiprep.  If you finish and feel you are ready to take a Practice Test, you may do so.  There is no limit to the amount of times you may take the Practice Test.  Remember that we will take the Practice Test as a class for a major grade on Wednesday/Thursday.

April 12

Continue with the Learning/Training module for Excel 2007 in Certiprep.  If you finish and feel you are ready to take a Practice Test, you may do so.  There is no limit to the amount of times you may take the Practice Test.  Remember that we will take the Practice Test as a class for a major grade on Wednesday/Thursday.

April 7/8

Today we will begin the training module in Certiprep forMicrosoft Excel 2007.  Login to Certiprep on your computer in the Learning Mode and begin working at your own pace through the practice questions using the reset and reset with help options when needed.  Use your worksheet to take notes and be sure to note which question you end with today.  We will take the Practice Test for a major grade April 14/15. 

April 6

This is the day for you to complete any missing work for the grading period!  The end of the grading period is Friday.  No late work will be accepted after Friday, no excuses.  I need to have time to grade all projects submitted yesterday and today so that you will have a chance to redo low scoring work.  Please check the Progress report that is handed out today.  Remember-you must PRINT OUT late work and submit with your grade sheet to have this work graded.  Check the Due Dates tab for a list of all assignments and retakes.

April 5

The Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor project is due at the end of  the class period today.  Be sure to look on the project sheet (page 2, number 3) to make sure you have completed ALL of the parts of the project–if you ONLY turn in the first spreadsheet this will not earn you a passing grade!  This is a MAJOR grade.  If your project is turned in LATE (after Tuesday April 6) you will be ineligible for a retake.

March 31/April 1

Continue working on the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor” project.  Remember to look at the “asked and answered” questions from the past two days on the board for help!

Budget your time wisely–remember, there is more to this project than just the first spreadsheet!  If you are on track, by the end of today you should have finished both spreadsheets and your chart and be working on the written portion of your assignment.


March 30

Continue working on the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor” project.  Remember to look at the “asked and answered” questions from yesterday on the board for help!

March 29

Continue work on the “”Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor” project.

March 26

1.  Today we will begin the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor” project.  This project will count for a major grade and will be due on April 5.  This project will involve two excel worksheets, a chart, and a written report.  Today we will go over the vocabulary and concepts and assign jobs and families for the project.

2.  You should now be finished with all assignments for Unit D.  Today you should make sure you have turned in the following three items:

—Unit D Checklist
—Book Assignment:  Quest Specialty Travel(drop folder) p. 82-94 in the book
—Book Assignment:    Skills Review-Department Software Usage(drop folder) begins on p. 97 in the book.

March 24/25

Today we will split into groups and each group will read one of five articles concerning debt and credit in the United States.  Your group will answer questions using the handout about your article and be ready to report to the whole class your findings.  Use your note handouts and complete as each group presents their findings.

March 23

Continue working on the New Car Assignment.  Be sure to follow the instructions IN ORDER!!  You must have 3 formulas and 2 functions input for each bank scenario.  Turn in the completed file at the end of the class period to the drop folder called New Car.

If you finish, continue to work on the Unit D book assignments.  These should be turned in to the respective drop folders.

If you finish ALL assignments, you may work on the Independent Challenge on p. Excel 103 for 10 points extra credit.

March 22

As a class, we will discuss the PMT function and practice the set-up.  We will then begin the “New Car” assignment.  for this assignment you will need a handout and the file “NewCar.xlsx” which is in the Pick-Up folder.  This assignment will be due at the end of class on Tuesday.

March 12

We will watch two short news report clips about “What Students Should Know about Credit Cards” and “Recent Credit Card Legislation”.  We will then access the webiste at to calculate the cost of credit card debt.  Pick up a handout from the table for the instructions.

After we have finished, use the remaining class time to finish any remaining book assignments and drop in the drop folders.

March 10/11

Continue working in the textbook on the assignment Excel80-94.  If you finish, move on to the Skills Review beginning on Pg. 96.

We will watch a documentary as a class “Secret History of Credit Cards”.  You will receive a handout with 6 questions.  Please take notes and be prepared to discuss the video .  The video can be found at

March 9

Continue to work through Excel Unit D  in the textbook beginning on p. Excel 80 to page Excel 94.  Drop the completed file in the Drop folder for your class period.  This is due at the end of class today.  If you finish, move on to the Skills Review beginning on p. Excel 97.

March 8

IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN THE UNIT TEST-you must go to the library to take the test during class.  Today we will go over the test responses from Friday.  You must attend a mandatory tutorial to retake the test.  The tutorial schedule is on the board in the classroom.  You may attend a turial with any of the BCIS teachers.  This test must be made up prior to Spring Break.  A list of retake times is on the board.  You will not be allowed to retake the test unless you attend a tutorial and complete the assigned work for the tutorial.

March 5

Unit Test-Formulas and Functions.  All assignments for this Unit are due today.  We will move on to a new Unit on Monday.

**March 3/4

Complete all missing assignments for this Unit; the Unit Test for Formulas and Functions is Friday.  After Friday we will not have any class time to complete past due assignments.  We are moving on to a new unit Monday.  This is a list of all assignments (see prior posts and due dates for more information):

  Unit A/B Checklist (due Friday)
  Vocabulary-Formatting and Functions(due Friday)
  Excel Formulas Quiz and retake if necessary
  Skills Review-Candy Supply Factory
  Toys R Us Shopping Spree

There is an optional extra credit assignment for those in Periods 2, 4, and 6 who had previously completed all work.

**Period 7 did not meet March 3/4 due to TAKS


March 2

Test Review-Formulas and functions.  Major test over this unit on FRIDAY.  You will also turn in your vocabulary sheet for a minor grade.

March 1

Toys R Us Shopping Spree Assignment-following the directions on the assignment sheet, create a woksheet to spend your winnings!  The closest person to $1000 without going over in each class will win a prize!  Assignment due at the end of class today.

February 26

We will continue exploring functions (we began this Wed./Thurs.); be sure to have your vocabulary terms sheet out to fill in as we go along.

February 24/25

Today we will work together as a class to explore new Excel options for fomatting and functions.  We will cover these topics in the next two class periods:

Auto Fill
Freeze/Split Panes
Text to Columns
Naming a range


    We will work to create a new worksheet and also work with file 15CDMania.xlsx.   We will complete a vocabulary sheet “Formatting and Function Terms” as we progress.  This will be for your use when studying for the test and will be collected for a grade next Wed./Thurs.


February 23

Work independently on Skills Review #1-#8  pp. Excel 44-45.  Turn into the appropriate drop folder for a grade.

February 22

As a class we will begin working on Excel Unit B pp. 26-40.  If time permits, you will begin working on Skills Review #1-#8 on p. 44-45.

February 19

As a class, we will complete Unit A Excel Pg. 6-12 in the textbook.  Drop the completed file in the drop folder for THIS assignment and YOUR class period.  If time remains, we will begin Unit B Excel pg. 26-40.

February 17/18 

 Unit Test Today.  After you have completed the Unit Test, use the remaining class time to complete any missing work or retakes.  The end of the grading period is tomorrow!

February 16

Today we will use the worksheet created in the warm-up to review for the Unit Exam.  The Unit Exam is Wednesday/Thursday, Feb. 17/18.

All Book assignments (Unit C 52-68 and Skills Review #1-#9 pg. 71)should be completed and turned into the appropriate drop folder by the end of class today.  FILES NOT TURNED INTO THE CORRECT DROP FOLDER WILL BE CONSIDERED MISSING.  If they have not been completed, you will need to come to tutorials to complete them

February 12

Continue with Excel p. 71 Skills Review #1-#9

February 10/11

Use the link to connect to SAM and begin working on the Excel 2007 training.  You will not complete this today-it has 94 questions.  Most of this will be review and practice of the skills we have previously learned.

February 9

Continue to work through Unit C, Excel pp.52-68.  Turn in your completed file to the appropriate drop folder by the end of class.

Begin work on Unit C Skills Review #1-#9 beginning on page Excel 71.  The completed file will be due on Friday.

February 8

Continue working in the textbook Unit C-Excel 52-68.  The file created in these exercises is due end of class Tuesday, February 9 in the appropriate drop folder.

February 5

Begin working in Microsoft Excel.  There will be a vocabulary quiz on Monday covering the worksheet you will complete today.  If time permits, we will begin working in the textbook Excel 52 Unit C.  All of Unit C will be due at the end of class Tuesday.

February 3 and 4, 2010

We will take either retakes of the Certiport Practice tests or the MCAS Certification Test for Word 2007 in class today.  The highest score will be counted for your grade  All make ups for this test must be done outside of regular class during tutorial times.

February 1 and 2, 2010

Continue with Certiprep Review and Independent Challenge Assignments.  We will take Certification Tests or Practice Test retakes on Wed./Thurs.  The goal is to increase your practice test score by 200 points over your first attempt.  Remember that if you scored under 601 on the first practice test you will take a retake this week.  Students that scored over a 600 will take the MCAS Certification Exam.  The only way to increase your score is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE the review.  Once through is not enough.  You must be able to complete all of the questions accurately without step by step instructions.

January 29, 2010

If you did not complete the Certiprep learning module or scored below a 660 on the practice Test, continue reviewing using Certiprep software.  Use your study guide to understand what you still need to practice.

If you scored over 800 on the practice test, please begin working on the Independent Challenge Assignments located in the textbook beginning on page Word 100.  The data files you will need are in the pick up folder on the Z drive.

If you scored between 660-800–you must complete at least one day of additional review on Certiprep.  When you feel you have adequately reviewed, move on to the Independent Challenge Assignments.

January 27/28, 2010

Certiport Word 2007 Practice Tests will be given today for a MAJOR GRADE.  If you need to make up this test, you MUST come to a tutorial before or after school as the test is computer administered, 50 minutes timed, and must be completed in one session.

January 26, 2010

Continue with Certiport Training.  Your goal is to finish all 38 questions by today and be able to answer them without instructions.  The Practice Exam will be taken Wednesday/Thursday for a major grade.  Print your study guide to help you understand what you may need to practice.

January 22/25 , 2010

 Continue working on Certiport Training.  Remember that grades close for Progress Reports on Monday, January 25.  If you have any missing work or need to retake a test, make sure you make arrangements to come to tutorials.  Make-ups will not be given during class time.

January 20/21, 2010

We will register with Certiport and begin preparing for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Exam for Word 2007.  This is a work at your own pace computerized training.  Practice Exams for a MAJOR GRADE will be administered in class January 27/28.  Actual exams for certification will be administered February 3/4 in class.  MAKE-UPS will only be given outside of class during tutorial times.

January 19, 2010

UNIT TEST TODAY!!  Make sure your type your name, class period, and test version in the header.  Print your test; do not take it off the printer.  If your name isn’t on it–I won’t grade it!

January 15, 2010

The unit test has been moved to TUESDAY, JANUARY 19 to allow additional time for practice and to make up any missing work.  Please review the “Due Dates” tab for all assignments we have done so far this grading period and make sure that you have turned in all assignments.  This is your day to complete any missing assignments and do retakes if needed. All assignments are located in the green folder on the front table.   If you are completely caught up with your work, you may work on assignments for other classes or have free time.  You may not disrupt others around you.

January 13/14, 2010

As a class we will finish creating and formatting a chart in Word 2007.  We will spend the remainder of the class period working on a practice test to prepare for the unit test on Friday.January 15, 2010.

 As a class we will learn about the different types of graphs we can create using Word 2007 and create a sample column graph.  Be prepared for a short quiz on different types of graphs on Wed./Thurs.  We will continue this lesson on Wed./Thurs.

January 11, 2010

Work on the Assignment-Organizational Chart using “Smart Art” using the step by step instruction sheet and sample provided.  You may work with a partner, but each person must produce their own chart and turn in at the end of class.  Turn in this assignment in the drop folder for your class period in the Z drive and save a copy in your personal Z drive folder.  Do your best work!

January 8, 2010 

We will practice inserting and formatting tables together as a class.  There will be a quiz over this material next Tuesday, January 12.

January 6/7, 2010

Continue to complete the Career Assessment tests that you registered for yesterday.  Go to, and use the login ID and Password that you set up yesterday.  After you have completed all three assessments, please pick up an assignment sheet titled “When I grow up…” and follow the instructions to complete.  This assignment is due at the end of class period today.  If you do not finish, it is homework and should be turned it at the BEGINNING of class period on Friday.

January 5, 2010

Today we will begin a unit on Career Interests.  After the warm up, we will register as a class at and begin to work through Career Inventories.  Use your handouts you were given at he beginning of class.  RECORD YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD on the sheet you were given and keep in your class folder.


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